Month that was, April 2018

There weren't too many recipe trials for the past months and had not blogged either. Nevertheless, I was in the happiest zone. Alhamdulillah!

April brought me back to the passion of trying new dishes. Now, some may think that I have all the time in the world and so I can try new dishes often... I know several of my friends and family believe that and are also offended when I don't respond to their texts immediately. Some question my new avatar, hijab, some think that I am lucky to be at home and do nothing, some ask me blatantly, "what keeps you busy all day?" I have also realized that even if I engage in conversation, it starts and ends with "when are you coming to India?" "been long" etc. I don't blame them. Some friendships are meant to be for a certain period and I don't want to fake a "keeping in touch". I am happy with the very few real friends who treat me like I am with them. I usually don't rant, but this feeling doesn't sit well and I would like to know if you feel the same?

Alrighty, now to this month's highlights and events, which is quite plenty I have to say! Warning: This can be a protracted put up.

Kerala fashion Chicken Cutlets

Made a batch of Chicken Cutlets on the fool's day! :-)

Kerala style #chickencutlets or #croquettes are a true labour of love! Make a big batch and freeze for those lazy weekend meal side or evenings snack! As I write this, I still have some resting in freezer.... 😋 .... maybe I should make more as #ramadaniscoming ❤️

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Honestly, I by no means imagined this p.C would get such awesome interest. My dm turned into flooded with questions and recipe requests. I made again in a few weeks and shared the little by little recipe on IG Stories and is also on the Highlights. InshaAllah, I will percentage the recipe right here too.

Fully Pregnant Masha

21 April 2018 Never lets us get close to her. She waits a few steps away from this spot for me to place the food. I then take a few steps back only then she comes forward and eats. Meanwhile, We began to make boxes in case she chose to give birth inside our home. #mashatheferal

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Biscoff Truffles with the White chocolate coat

Yes, still on truffle making fever and this ain't going off any time! I am so in love with these portion managed dessert bites that makes me sense less guilty while ingesting and yet have it regularly. :-) This batch although gave me a panic assault as I in no way labored with white chocolate and failed to assume it's miles any unique from the standard one. I became so incorrect. It become a large number. I needed to restoration it by hook or by crook, and all I should do changed into pour over the desserts! :-D Despite the mess, it tasted too right, well what can cross wrong with biscoff? I shared a few with my neighbour though!

This one become an stimulated model of none apart from Laura in the Kitchen's Cookie Truffles.

Aval Milk

Beaten rice with milk and fruits. This has stuck to our dinner ordinary for an extended time frame. Truth. I changed into the happiest as dinner changed into a breeze then. Stack up a few cut culmination, roasted aval or even granola, pour milk or flavoured laban and you are set for a light dinner. Simple, smooth and satiating. So a lot of my followers on IG made and loved it.

There are gazillion ways to make #AvalMilk that you will never get bored of having it often. This is the easiest cold dinner (don’t judge) that we are happy to have even on weekend. Two must-add ingredients are mashed #banana and dry roasted #beatenrice or #riceflakes 😍 which we call aval. The crunch of the rice flakes and nuts, sweetness of fresh and dried fruit, and then the cold milk is all so refreshing as summer drink or light meal! 😆 Add #roohafza #icecream #sabja or #basilseeds #dates or any health drink powder and ....etc! Why don’t you share your favourite way to have aval milk? I can surely borrow some ideas! 😉

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Chai Time

F comes home early these days so we have our evening tea together. Like many of you our there, I love to click pictures of chai and food we eat and it just takes hardly 30 seconds. This is not to be taken as an addiction because every picture I click is a practice for my photography skills. So if you are one of them who consider taking food pics as lame, I have nothing to say. Just let us be the weirdos. LOL. So chai,

In this image, I actually have served chai with Makati Plain Rice Crackers brand that we get right here. F loves this with a sprinkle of Sambar powder. Yes! Please do try it in case you get these.

DIY Plant Bottle

Confession time. I hoard glass bottles. Of each size and shape. I just can't seem to throw them away even if I have dozens of empty ones. Every single component in my pantry is in a pitcher bottle that become repurposed after a jar of jam or cream cheese or tomato paste... There are some which are "no longer so favorite" and usually I try and put off them asap. So some distance most effective Nutella jars are in that class. They are fashioned so inconveniently, do not you suspect? There became this one big Nutella jar that we were given when we saw it on sale, however genuinely took more than a 12 months to complete... (we've got grown out of love for it!)

So the simplest one big Nutella jar that turned into taking over space because I had no heart to trash it, subsequently went into the trash bin. Only to be picked up right after because I were given this genius concept of the use of up a few coir threads and a crochet rose to make it quite. All those hours of Pinterest scrolling I have to say! Isn't it pretty? My money plant has never been happier.. :-P

Lemon Rice

The first time whilst F had Lemon rice...

To all my tamil friends, why do we say thakkali sadam, sambar sadam, thaiyer sadam etc but then #lemonrice and not elumichai pazham sadam? 🤣 So thats F’s first time eating lemon rice after so much I also included #thattukada #beefcurry and #phulkas just in case... 🤪 but he loved the rice better 😆

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Veggie Pasta in Cheesy Bechamel Sauce

Like Truffles, I turned into in a pasta making section... It is simple, flexible, and filling. But what surprised me turned into... I ditched the tomato based totally sauces which had been my favored and began having this love affair with white sauces... I feel terrible for doing this to the ripe fresh tomatoes... However cheese wins.

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Lemon Curd

UmmHamza of Halal Home Cooking is the sole blogger who instilled in me the love for lemony dessert even while not having tasted an awful lot of them. At the lodge in Makkah in which we stayed during Umrah, we had lemon tart that turned into out of this international. It became the final piece on the buffet and so we had to share. When the waiter requested if we would like some thing, we speedy asked for the lemon tart and we waited patiently for it to arrive...I changed into blown away... It changed into the first-class lemon tart I ever had. I resolved to attempt step one - Lemon Curd.

The internet was divided on the recipe for lemon curd... either add butter in the beginning or at the end. I chose to go with the end so I can control how much goes into it. I followed Sallys Baking Addiction recipe and it came out so good that I am scared to try again! lol. I only heard failed stories and I believe mine was beginner's luck :-D

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We could not prevent licking and almost finished the jar as is... And in the direction of the cease, I made a dessert to be fair to my first jar of Lemond Curd.

Daoud Basha

#DaoudBasha or #dawoodpasha is the most wanted #lebaneserecipe of #arabicmeatballs 🤪

The speculated and rumoured history and not using a significant proof on why this dish is called after the person have to be a chief cause if you want to attempt those meatballs in tomato sauce Lebanese way!!! At least it changed into for me.

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Thenga varutha aracha chicken curry

Very hardly ever I make Kerala fashion curries due to the fact I hate the chore of grinding grated coconut. When I plan to make, I usually end up brief of some vital elements like shallots or curry leaves. This one turned into my first attempt of roasted coconut paste bird curry. It is better to check the internet than ask my mother as she may be a terrific prepare dinner however not all are fantastic at sharing recipes :-) This one changed into tailored from Veena's Curry world.

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Homemade Fig Jam

When sparkling figs come to the marketplace, I am so interested in pick them but always step returned once I observe some insects within the packs. This yr, I picked it anyway hoping to transfer the fruits out of that % to clear off the insects. Little did I realize, the fruit itself should house a few bugs too. It changed into lots for us to finish in a quick time, as counseled through my IG followers. I suppose I were given almost greater than a kilo. So we had some sparkling and the relaxation I converted into this jam! It changed into the exceptional Jam I ever made or had! Not exaggerating in any respect...

Lemon Curd Tiramisu

The last bit of lemon curd went in as the main flavour of this Tiramisu. Citrusy. his Tiramisu is all lemony! I keep hoping to blog and share the recipe but never happens... 🤭 Anyways, this is the easiest recipe because it is #nobake and #eggless 😎You will need lemon curd of course! 😎 Should we call it #lemoncream tiramisu? The #ladyfingers aka #savoiardibiscuits are dipped in sugar syrup spiked with lemon zest. The cheese cream has lemon curd folded in and voila... layer and let it sit in the fridge! Super delicious #makeahead #dessert 🤤

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Truffles, balls,... I am still with it. Lol. This became my introduction because I love Tahini and I love Pistachio despite the fact that they are bloody high priced. Super easy with only a few ingredients. Recipe blanketed within the caption.

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Fatteh Hummus

I very own just two cookbooks! Everyday Lebanese Food by means of Mona Hamadeh and Betty Crocker's collection which I have hardly checked or attempted any. I love Lebanese food as the elements listing is in no way overwhelming. Simple yet rich and attractive! Like making muffins, making fatteh hummus became additionally a section... I made as soon as each week and I am so glad F additionally loves it. I can never rely upon his tastebud and serve another dish, as he'll wonder me and outright reject for a lame cause. He is a foodie but prefers fats burgers and juicy meatballs... So if one of these palette can love a meatless fatteh then you definately have to too strive!

Hummus means chickpeas and no longer the dip. The dip receives its name from the component used. Hummus. But now it has end up a synonym to any dip made with any bean or legume. For this dish, all you want is yoghurt and boiled warm chickpeas and few different flavours like tahini and garlic.

Arabic food has some great vegetarian options too. My recent love is the most simplest side dish called #loubyebzeit or green beans in tomatoes and my all time favourite #fattehhummus which is chickpeas and toasted pita in garlic yogurt. These are #lebanesefood served as main course and comes together in no time. #aprilisforarabfood is a droolworthy hashtag to follow. Warning: Do not scroll down their feed when hungry.

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Poached Egg Curry

Whenever I make this, I don't stop the tears. I miss home, my mom, my sick grandmom and all my loved ones there. InshaAllah, I should be going soon. Find the recipe for this with orotti on my blog here.

#throwback to the simple and easy #poachedeggcurry that mom used to make for orotti, chapathi, choru, and aridosha! I would have added #moringa for her classic version if I had. #missingmom #awhiffofhome

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Remeber the Swedish Meatballs I made sometime returned based on Laura in the Kitchen's recipe? I had been wanting to visit Jeddah IKEA to taste their signature dish. I convinced F and we deliberate on a weekend to force right down to Jeddah!

We will be the only clients who directly walked into the Food section ignoring all of the presentations. I did glance and make mental note of what to test... :-) The Swedish Meatballs on the poster turned into searching so appropriate that my expectation skyrocketed. What got here on my plate became nothing quick of trash. I changed into so disenchanted that we had a massive carrot cake to clean off the horrific flavor!

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Then we drove across the city, picked a few suitable crochet yarns for some unplanned challenge that I am yet to look for! Lol.

Around maghrib time, F parked out of doors what appeared to me like a restaurant and I turned into now not even hungry... However he informed me it's far the Turkish region Z turned into recommending, I jumped out all excited! :-D

One major drawback of Yanbu is the lack of good restaurant in terms of ambiance, food and a whole experience. When we find one that exceeds expectations, they then close down too. I have stopped reviewing them as few months down they are either out of business or closed with coming back soon tag! Anyways, that aside, I am glad we are just a drive away from Jeddah (which now is longer than usual due to speed check cameras) where we get to try some restaurants that have great reviews. We had an early dinner on Saturday night at @khayalrest and it is exactly what we miss in Yanbu. Hot and fresh food that tastes great too. Just a wee bit waiting period and then you are in for a treat! #turkishfood #turkishrestaurant #jeddahrestaurants

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We then went to Lulu hypermarket to get my stash of plantains and grated coconuts! Plantains are for pazhampori. My mom's ripe plantains fritters recipe is here if you want to try!

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The pasta section remains one and this one was once more stimulated by using Laura in the Kitchen's Creamy Avocado Pasta.

#avocadopasta with #laban and #boiledeggs is so easy to put together where only pasta and eggs need to be cooked! Inspired by @mrsvitale creamy avocado pasta, I have added laban (buttermilk) to the avocado mixture and also topped the pasta with some slices of boiled egg to make it a fulfilling lunch! And served #watermelonfetasalad too just in case ...but the Mr and I loved every bite of the pasta and wiped clean both the bowls😍😍🤤🤤🤤 #Alhamdulillah I used 1 large avocado that I patiently waited for it to ripe. #totallyworthit #avocados #realfood #inspiredrecipe #easymeals #pastalover #homemade #balsamicvinegar #lunchideas

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Phew... April has been too kind to me. Alhamdulillah.

Do allow me understand if you want me to proportion any of the recipes. I desire to maintain it shorter for the approaching months however this workout of collating monthly peaks itself feels so good!

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