Month that was, August 2018

I absolutely believe I must change my weblog identify to some thing else as I hardly share my existence go away alone my lifestyles in Yanbu! I am snug to share handiest tales round food, cats and some brilliant couple desires :-P

Let me jump to the exceptional of August!

We are still on guided low carb eating regimen and I actually have a sense we will now not final till the cease of three months! Too a whole lot dependency on eggs will be the number one cause!

Zucchini and purple pepper omelet

Henna By Shadia

I turned into frantically looking for an adopter for the four kittens and discovered one that become inclined to take Fulful, the most effective female kitten. I became amazed due to the fact she would be my first Malayalee woman from the equal homeland and who has been residing in Yanbu all life! Wow! I planned to go to her home to check if it is able to be cat-pleasant and give her classes on how to have a cat within the residence and so forth. It turned into for her son and that is the primary time they have been making plans to have a cat. :-) But the primary assembly turned into nothing of this, it changed into henna time and gaining knowledge of each other. Hehe. I am a sucker for mylanji and if a person is talented, my palms are without cost! :-P

Zaatar and Sauda's first lengthy pressure

Amidst seeking out adopters for the kittens, two of my kittens fell sick - zaatar and sauda. We took an appointment with Happy Pets, Jeddah for a Saturday and drove them. Zaatar had mouth ulcers and Sauda turned into limping. The power is for about 3 to 4 hours and all three hours, each took turns to meow nonstop! Nothing calmed them till both were given worn-out or meowing and fell asleep. It changed into their first time out of doors the four partitions of my home. So it's far natural they are scared. The doc become outstanding! Both had a few injection and was requested to be on antibiotics for per week even as Sauda also had calcium intake for a week.

Alhamdulillah, they recovered nicely however Sauda appears to have the limping issue during but would not forestall him from being a playful cat.


Strawberry Pudding for Ragee's Foster Mom

Week 5 done. 7 more to go. And then I cheated. 😱No not with this pudding... this is a simple #nobake #strawberries and #chocolatesauce #pudding with two kinds of biscuits #bourbonbiscuits and #butterbiscuits that I took along to A’s home for lunch. She made lunch according to my diet. 😊Sweet. 😊Her family devoured the pudding and I was still strong! 💪She gave me a box of #soanpapdi from India and that was irresistible! 😬🤭😐 I am glad I could please the sugar monster in me with just two small pieces.... btw, you can watch the step by step on my Instagram highlights.

The One Pot Veg Biryani

My first attempt in attempting veg biryani in a strain cooker the use of Dassana of Veg Recipes of India technique. I simply blindly relied on her and went for it. In real, I could have by no means had the braveness to do but once in a while going through the worry is what helps you research new matters. My rice making game modified forever... I don't use the strain cooker however I won the self belief in making rice even better.

For the recipe, you can check Veg Recipes of India's Veg Biryani in Pressure Cooker.

The family that eats together stays together

Every morning scene!

Fulful Found a Family

She is the prettiest kitten I ever had and it become tough letting her go. But a loving circle of relatives awaits her...

I am Going Home

After months of discussion, I eventually decided to tour on my own to India to satisfy my in poor health grandmom. I have by no means traveled internationally on my own and the concern is silly, I understand. But there's a first time for the whole thing and this one too took days to settle in. He booked my return in a month and I idea it become too many days faraway from him.


This year for the first time since in Yanbu, I went to the nearby mosque for the Eid Salah! I was so disappointed as no one wished Eid Mubarak after the kutubah. I felt so strange that the ladies of this town are so shallow...I went to feel better as I was missing home and it didn't help at all. So bad, I didn't even take the usual Eid selfies lol. No mood to cook either as back home my grand mom (petacha) is still bedridden.

Somehow dragged me into the kitchen and whipped up an clean Turkish pilou stimulated from BBC Good Food. I had bookmarked it lengthy in the past to apply the dried apricots! It changed into a welcome exchange and I could not assist laughing to look F gobbling away numerous serves.

For the recipe, you can check BBC Good Food - Turkish Lamb Pilau

Travel all on my own - 14 hour from Yanbu to Calicut through Sharjah

Finally, the day arrived when I had to leave the cats and the hubby and my clean home for a whole month! What I was going through this time was untranslatable. There was doubt if F would be able to handle home and cats, there was fear of losing luggage, there was longing to meet folks, there was happy to finally be home with mom.

Though my motive of the travel became to be of help to mother in taking care of my bedridden grandma, my typical dental test-up blew all my plans. I needed to do three know-how teeth extractions surgically and had weeks of terrible ingesting coupled with swollen cheek!

Our neighbor's cat our pride. My mom says cats find me. They certain do!:-P

I idea I will omit F and cats as a substitute I was lacking my Yanbu domestic, my kitchen, cooking, and my facet of my mattress.

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