Month that was, Feb 2018

February. My all-time favored month. I wish I had the same feeling for the relaxation of the months too due to the fact by hook or by crook all proper things occur throughout this month. Let me show you the nice of Feb 2018 in my life in Yanbu!

Yanbu Lake Park

Our Fridays usually start with an early morning drive. Ever since we lost Ragee, we made a tradition to visit her grave every Friday morning. Just to spend some time in nature. This place is near the Sharm Entertainment location. While coming back, I suggested that we need to find the Yanbu Lake Park that I have been hearing a lot. So that was indeed a long drive from there to the Royal Commission's Lake Park. When we drove through and parked the car, I was too quick to judge, "this is it? this is the park they all said is amazing?" I know I hate myself for being quick to judge. It was everything and more I wanted in this not so happening city.

This beautiful spot in #Yanbu #royalcommission is in reality a man-made lake that comprises a vast area of green lawn, fully grown big trees and play area! Perfect for family picnics with kids. This has been there for years but only recently we got there. The saying Muttathe Mullakku Manamilla is so apt! (Whats in our neighbourhood is not valued) πŸ˜¬πŸ˜†This lake is our current favourite weekend morning stroll spot. #yanbulakepark #picnicspot #yanbuhighlights This place reminds me so much of Kerala! Don’t you think?

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The Lake worm became on for the following weekend too. We had our first ever "picnic".

Throwback to weekend #breakfastinthepark at #yanbulakepark. We picked food from our favourite Yemeni takeaway restaurant. A big #malawah bread, #shakshouka #galaba and #kibdeh πŸ˜‹ Technically our first #picnic which F happily agreed to do. #couplegoals πŸ˜‚ yay! I got to use that hashtag πŸ€ͺ #lifeinyanbu #yanbuhighlights

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I was in the "truffles and balls making phase" and these energy bites were the best and satiating snack that I used to have for breakfast. No sugar. No oil. No flour. Pure #energyballs loaded with nutritiously tasty ingredients that keep you satiated. #naturallysweet and filling! 😍Trust me. Some lazy days, I just have two of these #energybombs and I am good until lunch...

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Recipe for these dates and nuts energy balls are now at the weblog.

Swedish Meatballs, yeah did not I let you know muffins and balls phase? Lol... So very lately I got hooked to "Laura in the Kitchen" youtube channel. And her meatballs recipes are all juicy and easy! So this one too become inspired through her recipe with additional fennel seeds as my magic.

Though I made this in Feb, it were given shared on IG most effective in April! That is how latergram I do on Instagram!

Are #meatballs winter food? πŸ€” Today I am craving for these Swedish meatballs that I made sometime ago! 🀀 The weather is so humid and dusty here! 😰 Before I make these again, I have to plan a visit to Jeddah IKEA and taste their #swedishmeatballs! πŸ˜† How many of you vouch for it? Also, I would love to try a different meatballs recipes! So if you have any highly recommended recipes please comment or dm me! Thank you dearies!

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The gals met at Rehab's area for lunch and she or he served the nice haleem I ever had! No photographs but really worth a mention. :-)

Beetroot Chicken

When Shabina from Shabosphere shares a recipe it gets tried instantly by most of her followers. When she shared the beetroot chicken, I knew I will try it. And I did. Twice. There is no hard and fast rule to the recipe but the fact it has beetroot could not be overlooked!

When beets is in the menu, I get a frown face. 😣 No matter what I make of it. I am sure its true for many families out there. But when I saw this #beetrootchicken of @shabosphere πŸ˜‹I went and picked couple of beets and made with #chickenbreast 🀀 Never before have I seen Mr. F relish beet so much!!! Or is it the chicken? ~ Better half of a #meatatarian

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Chestnut Truffles

Lol. Yeah. Truffles once more!

Picked chestnuts for the primary time watched some films to toast and pa them. They tasted lots like steamed sweet potatoes. With a handful of chestnuts, all I ought to consider making had been this #nakedtruffles #muffins #expatperks #lifeinyanbu

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Tamilnadu biryani - the fourth try

I have no idea why I have not been capable of master making my mother's additionally our favorite biryani the way she does. This turned into the fourth attempt and the exceptional to date. I actually need to have a complete-fledged submit in this delicious fragrant rice recipe on my this weblog. InshaAllah! It changed into a accident that I cooked the biryani on Feb 14th. Nothing to do with being romantic, foodies don't want an event.

Watching the dawn from atop the Nakheel hill has become our yearly way of life. The growing solar comes with the same exhilaration whenever you stand to observe despite the fact that you already know it's far an normal prevalence! SubhanAllah, there is no word to explain the beauty!

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Alio e Olio again!

There is not a single weekend where I have cooked all three meals. It is either breakfast, or brunch or just lunch and oats for dinner. Some weekends, I don’t cook at all, nor we eat out 😬 we just survive on chips, fruits, chocolates, oats and water. 🀣 and then hog on a mighty pizza or shawarma late night. #alhamdulillah for a partner who is truly my #partnerincrime The real issue is when we are faced with “what to order?” πŸ™„With not many options nor much variety in food in this city, I tend to roll my eyes and get something cooking πŸ™„ So having simple and easy recipes up the sleeves is appreciated. #alioeolio and #halloumicheese for a weekend #brunch.

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Salted Caramel Chocolate No-churn Ice cream from my weblog!

I hope I am not alone to say I love summer than winter. I love sunny days than gloomy days. I love when my cloths dry faster and better than being damp or wet. I love that I sweat without workout. πŸ˜† In a nutshell, #icecream weather is officially arrived! Starting with my rich #saltedcaramel #chocolate #nochurnicecream drizzled with the golden nectar (not honey! 🀭) Salted Caramel fans give me a πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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The most beautiful element that happened at some point of my birthday week. I were praying for this present day see you later and in the end, it came about. Our first Umrah!

“Indeed, as-Safa and al-Marwah are among the symbols of Allah.” Surah 2:158 #alhamdulillah #bucketlisttickedoff So I am back. We had a soul satisfying experience for three days at Makkah and this was my first #umrah. I was in two minds of sharing this here because I don’t share everything on social media. Even though I live just a drive away from Makkah, and here since three years, I was not destined to go until now. Every time we plan, it never worked through and it really bothered me a lot. Especially when I get asked by random people “how many umrahs you did?” Then I turned to Him and made dua and waited... #subhanallah

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InshaAllah, I would really like to go again before I depart this united states and I pray that every Muslim get a hazard to return here.

My niece additionally celebrates her birthday this month! I pass over being along with her and being that aunt to smash her. :-)

So, that's a wrap!

Feb completed fab!

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