Month that was, June 2018

Signs of south-west monsoon has begun to show up back in the homeland. Soon it will be raining cats and dogs. Not to mention the unaccounted power cuts. I have begun to feel homesick like never before. Even more, since my paternal grandmom is bedridden.  F is quick to say that I can fly home anytime, but I have too many unfinished things, uncertain things and top it I fear to travel alone when there is a transit of five hours! and then now we have the kittens! I need to find a home for each of them! InshaAllah, everything will happen at its best time.

Shish Taouk/Tawook

A few months ago, I picked up a grill pan from IKEA which I feel is the best option for an ovenless kitchen to make grills if you have no access to outside. But washing the grease and cleaning the pan itself makes me not want to take it out as often as I would want to. But the only way I enjoy chicken breasts is in skewers or meatballs! :-)

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Shish Taouk is not a fixed recipe. The marinade can be anything you prefer and grill them in your choice of oil. You can find the recipe I used for these in the caption of the Instagram post.

The distance we maintain! ?? Hey there Masha, I have come to clean your litter container. May I? Masha now not hissy? Then go in advance. Almost a month and no signs of her wanting to step out of domestic or alternate the nest and so on. Too many unfastened service for her, I assume we deserve a cuddle time with kittens.... Going to plan a timeout ?? #mashatheferal #feralmom #fosteringaferal #fosteringkittens

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I do not want to spam the space with my kunafa images! The final weeks of Ramadan changed into a pleasure in each sweet treats and the night time prayers! Tasbih of Cleobuttera became sharing such scrumptious dessert recipes all through Ramadan and her Kunafa posts just made me need to attempt my palms in making it on a stovetop. I watched endless youtube motion pictures simply to get a dangle of it. And also picked the clean kataifi from the bakery and I became all set to strive! The first try changed into a fat kunafa with much less filling, the second one became spot on, the 0.33 once more spot on, the fourth - I made for my neighbour but she became on excursion so had that too! It became addictive and there was no preventing us! I knew I had executed the harm... So went with the waft hoping I can always food plan day after today! Cliche.

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My stove-top Kunafa recipe can be found on the Instagram highlights.

Cheesy Pasta

Never say in no way is so real in this situation of me changing to cheese lover after I turned into in no way a fan of it. I do not know if the culinary gurus might approve of the ways we make pasta, especially in our subcontinent! :-) This one here is my present day favourite that I locate mammoth satisfaction to make and eat!

The recipe is in the caption.

These days for a few unknown cause I seem to be interested in keto eating regimen and the transformation tales. ??Either it's miles on my feed or I am looking infinite lectures on YouTube. ??But when I see the listing of gadgets which you can not devour, I go lower back to rujuta diwekar recommendation ??Most of the times I simply tend to cook dinner for my soul and some days for his. ??#cheesypasta for cheese-lover lover. SAVE THE RECIPE ?? Veggie Pasta in Cheesy Sauce MAKE THE SAUCE Melt 2 dollops of butter on low flame Add 2 tbsp flour Keep whisking until no lumps and thickens Pour 2 cups room temp milk lil by way of lil whilst whisking continuously Don?T allow to boil so preserve whisking until the sauce begins to thicken Add pinch salt, beaten pepper and 80 grams kraft cheese cut into chunks Add choice of flavour like cajun spice or oregano and so on. Stir till cheese melts Switch off and hold apart PREPARE THE PASTA Boil 1 and half of cup pasta as in keeping with p.C. Instructions and upload frozen inexperienced peas and sweetcorn inside the last few minutes. Drain and maintain apart PREPARE THE VEGGIES: Stir fry the vegetables on medium to excessive flame at the side of four to five garlic and salt Stir within the tired pasta Stir in fresh choice of vegetables... SERVE: Transfer the veggie pasta to a serving bowl Pour the organized sauce and microwave for a min and serve If you dont have microwave, then warmth the sauce and pour on pasta. #pastarecipe #cheeselover #lurve #pastaporn #nosuchthingastoomuchcheese

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Horaa Osba'o

When Maha of Camerasncupcakes shared her mom cooking this conventional Syrian appetizer over her Stories, I made notes! Any recipe that requires pomegranate molasses will interest me due to the fact I love the flavour and I am trying to collect recipes to use the molasses.

Maha mentions in her caption that "Horaa Osba'o way "he burnt his finger"; in different phrases, it was so impossible to resist, he or she could not look forward to it to cool down." Truth.

The dish is made with brown lentils, home made pasta and flavoured with garlic coriander, onion and pomegranate molasses that's all cooked in olive oil. Served with fried pita bread pieces at the pinnacle.

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Celobuttera's Chocolate Konafa Cookies

Eid is just a day away and we were not done eating enough Kunafa... I made her cookies too! This is a no-bake easy to make cookies that helped us through the Eid holidays. I never thought I will be here for this eid too and with a whole new cat family! I miss home, I miss being next to my sick grandmom, I miss being a helping hand to my mom. I could just drop everything here and go away but it is not settling well with my conscious. I am hoping F gets more clarity over his project's future plans and I find new homes for the kittens too. InshaAllah.

So the cookies, they have been pretty but now not addictive, fortuitously!

What to do when you have konafa fever and #chocolatetooth? Answer: #konafa #chocolatecookies inspired by #cleobuttera Garnish used are #pistachios #roastedpeanuts #flaxseeds #rainbowsprinkles and also #granola 😂 I still have a whole kilo pack of fresh kataif! 😬 Can I freeze it?

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For the first time this 12 months we did no longer make biryani on the Eid day! I did make a kunafa on eid morning and we ate that! :-) So tomorrow, I made Thalassery Chicken biryani because of my ongoing homesickness...

Biryani is a deal with while someone cooks it for you. I don?T experience ingesting it without delay after all of the attempt. ?? So I maintain some to eat for dinner. ?? #thalasserybiriyani #chickendumbiryani with pappadams, achaar, kachumbar and raitha ?????? #throwback to #eidholidays #fridayspecial How many of you made today?

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5 years of partnership and sometimes I still feel I live with a stranger! Thanks to his introvert -ness the mystery keeps things alive! LOL! Last year our anniversary was during Ramadan and I had made a small batch of Vimto Tiramisu , and this year I wanted to try a baked cheesecake and wanted to incorporate some of the big stashes of kataifi I have hoarded. A quick Pinterest landed me yet again on Cleobuttera's blog which had a new york cheesecake with Kunafa crust and kunafa toppings. The whole process of her recipe needs a whole night and day! So I made it easy on me by sticking to classical cookie crust and topped with sweetened kunafa dough just like hers.

Of direction nonetheless an ovenless kitchen, so baked the cheesecake over a water bath in my pressure cooker. Though my first time, I have to mention, after tasting a baked cheesecake, you'll say good-bye to no-bakes! It is so soft and delicious that we had they all in the path of two days.

I turned into a savoury person then were given married to sweet toothed circle of relatives ?? And it was simply tough no longer to transform. ?? #newyorkcheesecake topped with sweet roasted #kataifi and #pistachios with suggestions of rose water! First strive! Always wanted to try a baked cheesecake... Will be better however this did attain his heart! ?? Cheesy! I recognise! ?? #fusionfood #dessertporn #cheesecakes #homemadewithlove #wetwolovetoeat #anniversarymonth #cleobuttera inspired recipe

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I can't believe I took so long to make this rice dish again after blogging it last year! If you have never tried it, you should make check out my recipe and plan to make this ! I promise you will love it.

#throwback to pre weight-reduction plan days! #nasigoreng the #nationaldish of Indonesia and a fave keeper recipe this is so smooth and engaging! All approximately the dish and the entire recipe is on my blog! Link within the bio! I understand I even have not been interacting with you want earlier than...I just put up and disappear! I reply to dms so past due... Manner late! Four kittens plus one huge cat (F) ??Is handful and then the weight loss program and cooking in keeping with se is simply taking away all my time! I need time management training... I recognize I can do better!!! I have caught myself doing mindless scrolling on instagram that is so no longer me... ??I want to do something to pamper me... Maybe a haircut! ??

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I know you ought to be smiling or laughing studying the heading... Nope not yet completed with kunafa and truffles mania is lower back! ;-) This one is a completely simple technique of making ladoos.. Nothing fancy...

#kataifitruffles! A very fundamental one with no longer many ingredients. I simply made this to deplete an already opened can of sweetened condensed milk and a few closing bits of kataifi dough from my kunafa mania...?? #noreciperecipe Ghee roast the shredded #kataifipastry till golden. Then upload lil sugar and roast until browned. On lowest flame, stir in condensed milk enough to make a dough. Add cardamom powder, rose water or obw or saffron and so forth... You do your jam. The final dough can be lil sticky however can be smooth to make balls while still warm. Serve right now or refrigerate and serve at room temperature. Dosage: two an afternoon or one twice a day after a prime meal. ?? #dessertstory #nobake #desserts #sweetballs #sweettoothed #fridgecleanout

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Masha Out

Masha has been living with us since March and yet never softened closer to us. Her agenda was very clear.. She simply desired her toddlers to have a safe lifestyles and herself true meals!

Masha. I definitely don?T understand why she selected to return into my home, provide beginning on our mattress, live in our different room, await meals at a committed corner, protects her kitten from us, in no way lets us move everywhere close to her.... I recognize feral cat will by no means exchange and that?S why I anticipated her to move out with the kittens. But she did no longer display any symptoms to move out and it was now not clean for us to be extraordinarily careful to transport around our very own rooms ?? Two days in the past, Masha went out for a walk I wager... We normally maintain the door open for her to return again. But this time I closed it on her all the time. ?? I understand I sound very mean however that is ideal for absolutely everyone. And I recognize she can be at my doorstep ordinary like she had come initially. We location food and water for her out of doors... My coronary heart aches every time she comes meowing... I realize kittens aren't secure with her outside in this hot summer season of saudi... And the severa unpleasant tomcats! I then gave Loomi to her to calm her down. So now I even have four and they don?T display symptoms of lacking mother. Totally socialized. They are a handful for me take care. Looking for domestic for them... InshaAllah if each person is inquisitive about adopting, please allow me realize... #mashatheferal

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Yanbu Sky

Ever considering that we had Masha, we skipped going on our Friday morning force to Ragee's resting location. Today we did and felt so blessed to watch the morning sky in such splendor!

Yanbu Sky

June, you have been too sweet!

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