Month that was, May 2018

For the primary time, this year I prepped the samosas for Ramadan! :-) My freezer has by no means been this packed.

This Ramadan, we have a visitor who has occupied my different empty bed room. I am talking about Masha, the feral pregnant cat who sleeps on our out of doors doormat.

Masha Moved In

6 May 2018 A week before this she chose to stay back inside our home but during the late nights she would continuously meow and scratch the door wanting to step out. After two days, we let her go! A true feral! Then she came back, went straight into the unused room and sat hugging jerry! πŸ˜‚ We knew that moment she came to stay! #mashatheferal #fosteringaferal #pregnantcat #movedin #feralcat #walkinpets

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I have never come across a cat that doesn't like humans but is willing to live with two of them and eat what we give! I had started calling her Masha from the day she came to my door. Now she has started to even respond to the word "Masha" ;-) I had to educate myself on how to take care of pregnant street cats and that's how I learnt that "Ferals" are not friendly and they like to be left to themselves. You can read all about Masha's journey with us on my masha_the_feral Instagram account.

Microwave Lady Grey Granola

I suppose I forgot to percentage my Microwave Granola recipe on the weblog...With the aid of now I even have made so many exceptional flavoured batches that it is hard to maintain the granola bottle empty! :-) You recognise we had Oatmeal days for too long, then it moved to Granola and then to Aval milk... Somedays I blend all 3! :-)

I saw the inexperienced tea flavoured granola in my betty crocker's book (this kind of waste! Every recipe has something prepackaged made from theirs) and the concept of making granola with tea become born! I tried with Twinnings Lady Grey due to the fact I didn't have the Earl :-D

Recipe Coming Soon...

Lady Grey Granola

Aniseed Ripe Plantain Quick Bread

My love for nenthrapazham is unconditional but I have never attempted anything outside the usual that we Malabaris are used to like the Kai vatiyathu, pazham pori, kai pola, and unnakaya. How about making a loaf muffin? Honestly, I would never have enough plantains to experiment, but this time there was this one that got super overripe which would be a disaster if I try to stir-fry. The same day, I cleaned the spice rack and found the bottle of aniseed unused. Bulb moment. Made a quick bread loaf cake with the ripe plantain and aniseed. Super aromatic, tasty and goes too well with tea!

Recipe: Ripe Plantain Sweet Bread

Aniseed Ripe Plantain Quick Bread

Masha and her toddlers

The Big Day that took place with none sign. Masha remains actual feral so we don?T attempt to touch and strain her out. She lives like a paying guest with her very own area ?? Just that she will pay in type through being a cat! ?? Anyways the morning as traditional... We had been having chai while she just walked past us and went to our room... Not anything new there! We had been used to her sleeping behind our bedroom door but little did we understand she became plotting to offer start on our mattress below our cover! ?????? I handiest figured after I heard the first kitty squeal!

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Ragee's foster mother (A) and I deliberate to meet at her home for a ladies night out and a horror film earlier than bed before Ramadan. But with Masha and the newborns, I was not in a right mind to bake a cake for her youngsters so resorted to an clean pineapple pudding with gelatin-primarily based and garnished with Caramel shards which I thought was awesome! :-)

Pineapple Pudding with Caramel Shards

Though I left the new mom and babies in F's care, I couldn't be at ease at her place. The Pineapple pudding didn't impress the boys but the mom and her girl dug through the soft pudding leaving out the shards. I didn't have any place in the heart to feel sad for the shards, because all I was thinking was Masha and her toddlers on our bed! Where will we sleep???

This was the #pineapplepudding that I had made for my friend and her kids (remember the mnm cake post?) I was not up for baking and thought a mousse like soft pudding with the sweet coconut biscuit base will amaze them but ....Only the girls loved it. πŸ˜„The mother and daughter gobbled away the coconuty base and the pineapple rich pudding... 😍 what happened to the caramel shards? They didn’t see any tummy light πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ #noreciperecipe For the base, I used desiccated coconut, digestive biscuits and sweet condensed milk For the pudding, canned pineapple in heavy syrup, milk and gelatine and whipped cream For garnish, #caramelshards

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We didn't watch a horror movie as deliberate, as a substitute we talked plenty and then went off to sleep. I had plans to live all day the following day together with her but I could not sleep both. I called F and asked him to select me up the next morning.

Recipe for the caramel shards -

Recipe for the pineapple pudding ... Yet to best it.

Paneer Mutter Masala

I can count number the wide variety of instances I made Paneer dishes on this kitchen! Not more than five instances! Shame! Proper? We don't dislike nor we love... I simply have a tendency to overlook such a element exist until I see a few mouth-watering recipe at the net. But this Paneer Mutter Masala recipe is a keeper! I have made this two times and I supply full credit to the Youtuber, Cooking Shooking!

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Recipe adapted from

My First Hazelnuts

Though I even have usually been a fan of hazelnut inside the shape of sweets, I by no means had an possibility to look or devour the actual hazelnut. I in no way honestly looked for it till a % of hazelnuts in shell checked out me close to the produce billing counter. I grabbed a p.C. Without even questioning. I haven't any concept a way to store, a way to shell, and many others. The label said "salted hazelnuts"! Okay then! Unpacked and transferred to a jar and it sat inside the counter for a day. Upon scrutinizing, I learnt the shells want to be cracked open :-(

I did it. One through one. When you work with something so closely, they become so expensive to us... So used all of the hazelnuts that were given cracked within the manner of cracking the shell into my subsequent batch of granola and all the entire lovely ones went into the freezer. :-) Didn't I say they come to be pricey...


I was thinking to rapid in this summer time might get difficult but Alhamdulillah, aside from the first two days of a headache, it got easier. We deep fry each unmarried day and no longer responsible. And couple them with masses of fresh bloodless fruits in cream or custard... Totally indulging proper? Mangoes had been flooding the market and this year I chose to try other makes... And went with Jazan's mangoes... I could not believe that Saudi Arabia had its personal mangoes!

Jazan Mango_My Life in Yanbu

And then I also made Aam rus for the first time though I have eaten it in many occasion back in India. I served with some pooris and made a backup curry too. Well, F has this unique title of foodie cum fussy eater. He didn't favour the idea of having poori with a fruit!

Aam Rus

Mohabbat ka Sharbat

This Ramadan we have a trending thirst quencher called Mohabbat ka sharbat with basil seeds. This Ramadan iftar timing isn't meals pictures friendly and so haven?T made a lot attempt. But as this drink can be made ahead, I controlled to capture a half of-first rate p.C over the last hours of sunlight hours.

It is simplest to make...

Crush lots of ripe watermelons

Prepare sufficient roohafza milk and refrigerate

Stir in soaked basil seeds and add the watermelon

Serve cold with ice cubes

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Jaffa Cake

Two occasions were given me to Jaffa Cake. First, orange zest and chocolate flavoured popcorn on Laura inside the Kitchen and I think an orange chocolate brownie on Rafeeda's blog, The Big Sweet Tooth. I attempted the popcorn and we cherished it. Orange and Chocolate is certainly an extraordinary pairing... I then dived into Google to discover extra bizarre recipes... Yeah I always notion the pairing to be weird however it blew my thoughts...

I landed on Jaffa Cake and loved the whole thing approximately it. I do not have an oven nor a muffin tin. So I just idea of creating one huge jaffa cake in my pressure cooker. The sponge cake got here flawlessly...

#jaffacake minus the chocolate πŸ˜‚ Check my stories for the whole story. #spongecake topped with #orangejelly and covered with #chocolate is #maryberryrecipe of Jaffa Cake. I tried to recreate in my scone pan but I went wrong in my choice of chocolate. So removed it and served today for iftar and jiffy gone! 😍 #meltinmouth

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Sweet treats to the Three Munchkins

What I took alongside for iftar celebration at Ragee's foster mother's location. The final meeting before she goes off to India for excursion!

This spread was a last minute prep for the to-be mom and her three munchkins I had to meet for iftar before they flew to India! #throwback From left clockwise #biscofftruffles (I will soon share. 😬InshaAllah) #datesballs with tahini and pistachios (already in my feed) #chocolatebananabread (on the blog) #brownies to save the extra melted chocolate πŸ˜† #sweetminisamosas stuffed with #bountychocolate and all of them sprinkled with #rainbowsprinkles πŸ˜‚It was a delight to watch the munchkins and their mother mumble on each bite! 😊 #ramadan2018 #iftarsweets #friendsforlife #catloversunite

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May may make me fat.

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