Chocolate Avocado “Milkshake”

#Chocolate #Avocado #Milkshake

This chocolate avocado “milkshake” is extra of a smoothie (there’s no dairy in it), but the avocado provides a scrumptious, creamy texture; it reminds me of having a more healthy milkshake.

Are you weirded out via chocolate and avocado being within the identical sentence and meals? If so, that’s okay; i concept it became bizarre before everything, too!  If someone got here to me 5 years in the past and said, “someday, you’ll have an avocado smoothie and prefer it,” i suppose i might have laughed? Maybe? Okay, probably no longer. I’m constantly up for attempting new things, however i was not approximately ingesting “wholesome” for a completely long time. Nowadays? I embrace it!

As long as it additionally tastes precise, this is.

In case you’re looking to reduce again on dairy and/or sugar, but want a pleasant deal with? That is it. Did i mention you can’t taste the avocado? Make this for a quick and engaging breakfast!


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