Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

#Chocolate #Peanut #Butter #Banana #Smoothie

Chocolate and peanut butter, amirite? The great!

This smoothie has been my recent cross-to once I either want a quick breakfast or a treat after a meal. Relying what i have in my refrigerator at the time, i am going back and forth between complete, grass-fed milk and almond milk. It’s tasty regardless of which i go along with and i slightly notice a distinction between the 2.

I’ve referred to earlier than how in love i’m with the vitamix. It’s an remarkable kitchen appliance. In case you’re within the kitchen loads and you need to splurge on a kickass blender, i tremendously endorse it. You could do lots more than make smoothies with it, but we’ll get into that during every other publish! This one’s approximately smoothies.

I took the substances within the order indexed and positioned them in the vitamix and 20 seconds later, i got a tasty drink. That’s, uh, approximately it, in reality! Of route, any blender could make a smoothie, but you knew that already.


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