Cranberry Habanero Jelly

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It’s almost thanksgiving! Cranberries are in season! And we’re taking a tiny wreck from greek cooking because i want to proportion cranberry habanero jelly with you. Hell yeah.

For me, this jelly has nothing to do with the vacation definitely, but cranberries = fall and cranberries also = cranberry sauce as a thanksgiving facet, so this can be a a laugh alternate to the conventional thanksgiving facet.

The primary time i had cranberry habanero jelly became returned when I lived with a friend named tom and he introduced a few home from his dad and mom (hello tom). His mother made it and i used to be in love. Every time he visited home and got here again with extra jelly, it was a struggle for me to no longer consume it all! Severely. The mixture of spicy and sweet is ridiculously addictive. My favored manner to consume it’s miles over crackers, especially carr’s entire wheat crackers. There’s something approximately the mild sweetness of those crackers that pair honestly nicely with this jelly.

I’m hungry now. Brb – going to eat a few crackers and jelly.

Tom hasn’t been my roommate for a few years now, so i have to fend for myself when I need this tasty jelly, which i’m okay with now because it’s easy to make! Before i started making this myself, i just dreamed approximately ingesting it for a while. Sure, i dream about meals. Don’t you?

Last yr for the vacations, i made a big batch of this, canned it, and proficient it to pals. I can in all likelihood do the identical this christmas, but the recipe i’m sharing with you is a smaller batch, no canning vital! It’s going to preserve up to a month in the fridge though. Whether or now not it lasts that long out of doors of that is as much as you. I gained’t decide you if you decide to sleeve some crackers with a group of jelly. Sounds like a rad saturday night time to me!

Making jelly is as smooth as throwing the ingredients into the pot over the range and letting it cook at the same time as stirring every so often with occasional squishes using your spoon. You’ll are aware of it’s executed due to the fact there won’t be any liquid left and the jelly will stick with the spoon. It’s going to appear like what’s pictured beneath.

Just be careful while running with habaneros. You ought to virtually use food-secure gloves due to the fact regardless of how a great deal you wash your arms, the oils from the ones warm peppers can and will linger to your skin for a while. And you don’t want to have warm pepper oil in your finger and touch your eye after that. I may additionally have executed that a few times. I don’t recommend it. 🙂


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