Glyko Kerasi (Cherry Spoon Sweet)

Cherry spoon candy (additionally called cherry preserves) is a famous greek dessert that is historically served at the spoon with an ice-bloodless glass of water and/or a cup of greek espresso. It is able to also be used as an ice cream topping, cake topping, or greek yogurt topping!

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Yes, i realize it’s september and sure, i comprehend it’s not cherry season anymore, however i’m here to break the regulations, buddies! And i’m not sorry about it. No longer even a single bit.

I need to speak candies with you; mainly, spoon goodies! Spoon sweets are a famous shape of greek preserves. Traditionally, a small quantity is served on a plate and also you devour it with…anticipate it…a spoon! It’s also normal to serve spoon goodies with an ice-cold glass of water. A cup of café (greek coffee) can also be served with it as properly.

There are various spoon sweets you could locate in greece. Arguably, the maximum popular kind is glyko vyssino (sour cherry spoon candy, pronounced glee-koh vee-see-noh), that is what i at first desired to do for this blog put up. But, the sour or tart cherry season is brilliant brief and when i was planning this submit again in june, i had simply overlooked the ones cherries at the farmers’ marketplace by using every week. So close, yet thus far.  Perhaps next 12 months i’ll be so lucky. 😉

Sweet cherries are just as exceptional an option for spoon chocolates if you question me. If making a spoon candy recipe with sweet cherries, then the greek name for this would be glyko kerasi (stated glee-koh kheh-rah-see).

Different spoon chocolates may be made with figs, oranges, grapes, walnuts, pistachios (my absolute favored which i would usually get from aegina, greece), and even tomatoes! In which you’ll find these in greece in most cases relies upon at the vicinity. Tomato spoon candy, for instance, could be determined in santorini.

Suggestions on making glyko kerasi (cherry spoon sweet)

Making your own cherry spoon candy recipe is simple, but it does require a little little bit of persistence. For starters, pitting cherries can type of be a tribulation, specially if you don’t own a cherry pitter like me! There are a few hacks accessible for pitting cherries, along with using a protection pin (which looks as if a ache to me truely). My preferred hack in an effort to continue to be my cross-to until the day i (perhaps) purchase a cherry pitter includes using a chopstick and an empty bottle. I locate that disposing of the stems before the pitting technique is less difficult to cope with.

Start via placing the cherries stem-facet up on an empty bottle and use a chopstick to speedy, however cautiously push the pit via. Your aim here is to correctly cast off the pit, but keep the cherry intact if you can.  It gained’t be perfect whenever and that’s ok! Understand that lifestyles is brief and there’s no need for any fuss. As long as you aren’t completely squashing the fruit, you are golden.

Also, because you’ll be operating with  pounds of cherries, you may get cherry-stained arms. Oops!

The subsequent step after you do all that pitting is all about waiting. Layer a few cherries and sugar alternately in a big saucepan till you’ve delivered all of these components. Then cover and region in the fridge overnight. Why? Due to the fact you’re allowing those sweet juices from the cherries to release. You may leave them inside the fridge for 8 to 12 hours. And then you definitely pop it on the stove with some water to boil, add that lemon juice, and continue to allow it simmer for a half hour or so, until the back of a spoon is lined properly with the thickened syrup.

I friggen love these things.  It rings a bell in my memory of early life in my yiayia’s domestic. It rings a bell in my memory of journeying my family in greece. Heat, satisfied recollections you don’t pretty get from a jar you found at that specialty keep (though that could nonetheless assist to do the trick if a brief repair is needed).

In case you are familiar with canning, you may maintain this recipe by using the standard processing methods! See the recipe notes. Happy cherry maintaining, pals. <three


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