Maple-Spiced Banana Bread

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What up! I’m writing to you these days from seattle, washington! I’ve been here seeing that the day before today. I’m right here for paintings, but i had most of the day the previous day to task out and about. The amount of exploring going forward might be restrained, however those following few days are going to be fantastic though.

I’m here for pax! You may recognize my complete-time gig out of doors of meals running a blog is operating in video games. I work at harmonix and we make tune games! I came out to seattle to show off rock band four on the convention and i’m excited. I paintings in design, however i get to travel with the publishers every on occasion to assist show off the cool things we’re running on. I’m simply a totally stressful character and might every now and then get a piece over-heated whilst round masses and lots of humans, however on the subject of running at conventions those when heaps of people are in attendance, i by some means don’t get stressful. I’m so happy about talking to fans of our games that the strength i sense is just natural excitedness and not one of the aggravating stuff. It’s pretty high-quality.

Even though i’ll be superb busy out right here the following few days (i fly returned to boston on tuesday), i wasn’t going to leave you hanging! Today’s recipe is certainly one of my favored baked goods: maple-spiced banana bread.

On every occasion i’ve made banana bread in the past, it was a easy batter made with quite a few sugar. That’s pretty much the same old besides. I’ve been baking banana bread for years and it’s one of the baked goods i experience true approximately (i have a tendency to no longer test with baked goods nearly as plenty as i’d like because technology). I latterly commenced tweaking the recipe so that i wasn’t dumping 1-2 cups of sugar in it. I love sugar and feature a big candy teeth, but that doesn’t mean every candy or baked correct needs to be pumped with all the sugar. So i brought in maple syrup! And i brought the sugar itself right down to a 3rd of a cup. I additionally constantly encompass cinnamon, however determined to feature cardamom! And therefore, maple-spiced banana bread become born. I’m into it.

I’m going really heavy on the amount of overripe bananas – i exploit four, which makes this banana bread so wet and delicious. I had some friends strive it final week and were given thumbs up all round, so i’d say this recipe is a win.

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