Melitzanosalata (Greek Eggplant Dip)


Melitzanosalata is a greek dip made with eggplant, crushed garlic, grated onion, chopped parsley, and additional virgin olive oil. It is able to be flavored with crimson wine vinegar or clean lemon juice, depending on desire. It’s generally served as a meze with crusty bread.

Glad monday, friends!

I’ve ignored you. How are you doing? I’ve been super busy recently, however in a very good way, i suppose!

If you stuck my final post in which i reviewed rumiano cheese, i talked a little about how i picked up a element-time process and it entails running with lots numerous cheeses! The plan for the rumiano overview came before i found the task, however it appeared instead becoming the two ended up tying in together in a few manner. In addition to the cheesy part-time deliciousness, i also picked up some freelance work. It’s all been very notable and exciting because it’s great to work once more. You already know what else is nice? Making some cash. Now, in place of ripping all of my hair out, i’m only ripping out a small component. Things are nevertheless slightly disturbing, but simplest barely at this factor. So that you recognise. Development!

With all of this excitement taking place, i ought to have extra stability and consistency in my lifestyles, which optimistically method greater recipes for you! I’ve been so unhappy about no longer being able to proportion as a lot as i’ve desired to at the weblog currently and i truly, really want to trade that. Thank you for constantly coming back to my little domestic, specially while my schedule receives so ridiculous and i don’t post anything for an entire month. You’re insanely outstanding and that i wouldn’t be doing this without you. I admire you.


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