Melomakarona / Finikia (Honey-Dipped Cookies)

Oh, hello! It’s been a touch while. I took a mini ruin from blogging. Because vacations. This time of 12 months usually receives a bit nerve-racking with christmas buying, excursion parties, and so forth. You recognize what i’m pronouncing.

Melomakarona / Finikia (Honey-Dipped Cookies)

However i’m again these days and sharing certainly one of my favored greek cookies: melomakarona (meh-loh-mah-kah-roh-nah)! Additionally referred to as finikia (fih-knee-kya). They’re little biscuit cookies spiced with orange, cinnamon, and cloves, soaked in a honey syrup. Oh, additionally they have brandy in them. In relation to greeks and xmas, you may without a doubt bet these cookies will make an appearance. They scream christmas cookies.

One cookie with two very specific names? What offers? Precise query. I used to be lately purchasing at my preferred nearby keep, sophia’s greek pantry, where sophia was giving out samples of her melomakarona (which were fantastic, like the whole thing she makes) and a customer requested sophia why some people call them finikia. Her answer, which become my favored turned into, “i don’t recognise. I suppose greek-individuals just were given lazy.”

Several years in the past, when I first started out experimenting with this recipe, i had requested my dad and mom that identical question and they didn’t exactly understand either. My mother guessed it depended on wherein in greece you “got here from.” i grew up understanding them as finikia and didn’t even realize melomakarona turned into another time period until i wanted to discover ways to bake them myself.

In step with wikipedia, finikia are slightly unique, mentioning the cookie isn’t dipped in honey and is as a substitute rolled in a mixture of walnuts and spices, which may be proper! I’m no longer sure i buy it. Though i admit, i’ve started out relating to those cookies greater as melomakarona than finikia, mainly because i don’t need to be a lazy greek-american. 😉

Each yr i’ve made these, i tinkered with the recipe. They were usually “quite good,” but never pretty how i remembered them. This is, now not till this 12 months. Lower back in the day, i baked more with vegetable and canola oils, and i usually ended up overworking the dough, which resulted in harder cookies. Then i switched to a combination of extra mild olive oil and butter, which was higher, however i nevertheless had the trouble of overworking that damn dough (additionally adding too much flour) and lacking that acquainted flavor. This yr, i found the magic mixture. After talking with my mom recently and studying that authentically, those cookies are made with extra virgin olive oil, i went for it. I additionally made positive not to overwork the dough, so i made this by using hand. I had a virtually true feeling approximately it after I tasted the uncooked dough due to the fact i ought to flavor a hint of what became missing each different time i made it. The end end result become similar to what i remembered developing up, consuming those scrumptious cookies at own family christmas gatherings. <3

Making these cookies within reason clean, however it’s a piece time eating! For one issue, due to the fact this is a vacation cookie, the yield of the recipe is quite huge. It makes approximately 68 cookies. Yes, you examine that quantity right. As it’s the season of giving and nothing expresses love and friendship quite like a home-baked good, so that your friend, family member, or loved one can also percentage the experience of no longer being able to suit into their pants anymore.

What makes this recipe time ingesting other than the volume of cookies, is the shaping of the cookies, the dipping of the cookies (they have to be soaked in honey for a pair mins and you need to work in batches), and the cooling of the cookies. You know whilst you make something like chocolate chip cookies and you’re so excited while they come out of the oven, you dive right in? And that they’re scrumptious and gooey and amazing? Yeah, you could’t surely do this with these. I know, it’s heart-breaking, however hear me out.

What makes these cookies definitely shine is the honey syrup. And to make those just proper, you need to soak warm cookies right out of the oven inside the syrup. Adding hot cookies to the syrup is critical as with a purpose to help the cookies take in that scrumptious honey. I advocate waiting as a minimum three hours earlier than serving or ingesting. Waiting in a single day is even better. Believe me in this. Each time i consume this type of cookies quickly after dipping them, they simply don’t taste right and i become 2nd guessing the recipe. Then i wait some hours, try once more, and sigh in comfort.

In case you want to speed up the time on making these cookies, i recommend a cookie birthday celebration! Celebrating the holidays is all about being surrounded by way of ones you like. And being inside the kitchen together baking tasty cookies like these? Makes celebrating even better. The best part: those cookies will keep for weeks and weeks. Store in an airtight box and go away them at room temperature.


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