Potatoes and Chorizo

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It’s after middle of the night and i’m in bed writing to you at the same time as friends is on inside the heritage. Did you already know buddies was on netflix? I suppose i’ve watched it begin to finish about 50 instances. Not because it’s been on netflix although; it’s only been some months considering that passed off. That’d be insane! Besides, it doesn’t get antique for me. Ross and rachel for all time. Their relationship turned into a big roller coaster throughout that series, amirite? Spoiler alert: they get together in the long run.

I’ve been so worn-out getting up within the mornings recently, but i’m able to’t fall asleep so without difficulty at night. I is probably consuming too much coffee, however i will’t help it. I like espresso! Even though i will’t sleep, at least i get to jot down to you and inform you approximately how i’m additionally watching friends. I think i’ll put on bob’s burgers after this episode to combine it up, though.

Yeah, my thoughts is all around the area proper now. Permit me to introduce you to delirious marissa. She’s type of exceptional.

Any-hoo, i’m no longer going to simply take a seat here and tell you about what i’m looking on tv. That’s no longer certainly why you’re right here. Or is it?

Nah, you’re here due to the fact you need some delicious potatoes and chorizo! And that i’m here to inform you all approximately it.

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In my last transport, i got a bundle of chorizo. I love these things, however have never clearly cooked with it and haven’t purchased it in a long time because i try to stick to the clean, herbal, non-exceptional-sodium-stuffed stuff. However as soon as i saw this in my transport, i got extremely good excited! All herbal substances = the high-quality! I desire i had notion to take a image of the element listing, however maybe i’ll do not forget subsequent time.

I requested some food friends what they like to make with chorizo and gave them a list of ingredients i already had reachable. Solutions protected crammed peppers, crammed mushrooms, and sauteed with potatoes, specifically cooking the potatoes in the fats left from the chorizo. All recipes required getting rid of the casings and grinding up the chorizo as it cooked.

And there you have got how i were given to making potatoes and chorizo. I went with simplicity and something i ought to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. No longer that i’d ever say no to breakfast foods at dinner and dinner ingredients at breakfast, however i don’t understand, perhaps you’re weird approximately waffles for dinner or roast red meat for breakfast. I won’t decide.

If you’re familiar with my skillet domestic fries recipe,  that i start cooking the potatoes after peeling and slicing proper within the cast iron skillet, with no pre-boiling beforehand. For this recipe, i go along with the boiling method first. Particularly due to the fact i knew i’d have an amount that would crowd the pan a chunk and this would assist speed the method alongside.

I relatively advise consuming this dish crowned with a fried egg or two and warm sauce for an additional kick!


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