Skordalia (Greek Potato and Garlic Dip)

Skordalia (Greek Potato and Garlic Dip)

Skordalia is a conventional greek dip made with a potato base, lots of garlic, greater-virgin olive oil, pink wine vinegar, and salt. It pairs clearly properly with fried fish and/or veggies.


Are you making plans on kissing absolutely everyone today? I’m asking due to the fact i were given a delicious, garlicky deal with for you and that i just need to make sure you plan for that reason. I got your again.

Today, we are speaking about skordalia (skor-thal-yah)! Whilst saying it, you want to make a difficult “th” sound, as in case you are announcing “the,” but with the letter l on the give up of it. Now, you strive it. See? Greek is simple.

Skordalia is a greek dip that has a few versions in terms of the base of the dish. Some are made with potatoes (that’s the recipe i’m sharing with you these days), others are made with bread, almonds, or walnuts. And a few variations call for a mixture of the elements. You is probably asking how a dip with a bread-base works: it’s made with stale bread that has been soaked in water. I plan to explore exclusive variations within the destiny, but i’m satisfied to percentage the potato one with you these days!

Whether the recipe is made with potatoes, bread, nuts, or a aggregate, the ultimate elements don’t range all that tons. It’s made with uncooked garlic, more-virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, and salt; a combination that marries together so nicely.

I’ve had both the bread version and potato; my yiayia usually made it with potatoes growing up, so this is the taste and texture i recall and enjoy the maximum. When I first attempted skordalia, i used to be in all likelihood approximately six or seven years old and i didn’t find it irresistible. I recall my dad had a few as a aspect with some fish and i wanted to attempt it. It’s made with a decent amount of uncooked, beaten garlic; perhaps no longer a younger kid’s favored.

As i grew older, i obtained a flavor for raw garlic and might consume a clove or  with my dad at the dinner desk, generally whilst we had fish and horta. “you won’t want the doctor in case you consume your garlic,” he’d say. Which, you realize, isn’t absolutely genuine due to the fact you have to possibly visit your health practitioner for those every year take a look at-usaand all, however consuming raw garlic does have many benefits. Yay for garlic!

Though, now not anybody is on board with eating uncooked garlic cloves, i recognize. But eating a side of skordalia with your meal or serving it as a dip for pita bread with some appetizers is a good manner to get that uncooked garlic to your machine! Once i found out i loved eating uncooked garlic through the clove, that’s once I gave skordalia every other shot and i used to be hooked. I’d say i was twelve years old by means of that factor and it wasn’t nearly as excessive as i had remembered, but wondering back to it now, i found out it had to do with non-public flavor. Some recipes would possibly name for heaps of garlic; the quantity that might zing your mouth the manner uncooked garlic might. Others not as a good deal. I’m going for six-eight garlic cloves for the proper amount.

Traditionally, skordalia is made in a mortar and pestle. You boil the potatoes till fork-smooth and weigh down garlic with some salt in the mortar until it paperwork right into a scrumptious paste, followed by means of slowly adding potatoes to the garlic, pounding and pounding as you move. After that, you slowly add the olive oil and vinegar, alternating among the two as you continue to pound the dip and ready earlier than the liquids are absorbed earlier than you add extra. Don’t be alarmed through the quantity of olive oil going into this recipe; it’s supposed to have that a good deal! This serves about 8 humans.

I’ve a mortar and pestle, however it’s no longer big enough make the dip in it, so i take advantage of it for the garlic crushing, then do the pounding in a larger bowl with a potato masher. If you don’t have a morter and pestle, don’t worry! You could use a knife to weigh down the garlic, by reducing it, then including a few salt and retain to chop/scrape the garlic towards the slicing board until it forms right into a paste. This is the technique i used to do earlier than i purchased my personal mortar and pestle.

Alternately, you can use a meals processor and while i own and love mine, i simply love making skordalia by way of hand. It’s a very good pressure reliever in relation to all that mashing and pounding. Plus, it gives you a tiny exercise on your palms. 😉

Skordalia is generally served with fried fish or fried veggies and pairs wonderfully with each, however you can additionally serve it as an appetizer with some pita bread. I brought some to a friend’s house on sunday with home made pita bread and it became a huge hit! We pigged out with a group of delicious food and watched star wars. It was a rad night.

Now, go make some skordalia and devour it! Kissing a person you like with first rate-garlic breath afterwards is optionally available, of path.


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