Strawberry Banana Smoothie

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Updated on august 16th 2015: i first posted this strawberry banana smoothie on april 2nd, 2014, which was a couple of months once I commenced this blog. I’m slowly going thru older posts to replace them with new pictures, content, and recipes (if essential)! 🙂

Yay for smoothies! I made a strawberry banana smoothie this past saturday for the first time in months! I’ve been on a large blueberry kick lately, so i’ve been making plenty of smoothies with blueberries! Every now and then, a blueberry oatmeal smoothie and now and again i’d blend it up with other fruits and juices relying what changed into in my fridge.

When I determined to make the classic strawberry banana smoothie, i came to observe this vintage blog publish from april ’14 and i decided it changed into time to replace this publish. For one, the photograph become very simple, but i used to be very new at meals images on the time, so that became to be expected. I additionally had a humdrum blurb occurring about how i was cheating on paleo via having a bowl of cereal. Certainly now not paleo anymore, so yeah. Time to update this post and make it prettier!

It’s a bit funny to think about when I first began running a blog, i used to be living a (mostly) gluten loose and paleo-ish lifestyles for a quick at the same time as and my very aim changed into to best blog about “paleo-ish” food. I quickly realized that lifestyles simply wasn’t for me; i hated that i felt responsible when I ate food that wasn’t paleo, like cakes, breads, and cheese. I really like the ones matters! And giving them up for exact simply didn’t jive well with me.  That stated, i do nonetheless love consuming paleo. It taught me the way to now not consume like an a**hollow all of the time! I similar to ingesting that way while not having the label on it. Guilt-free.

What’s form of comical and becoming approximately me speaking about my ruin-up with paleo is this strawberry banana smoothie is paleo! I up to date the recipe slightly through putting off the chia seeds and i calmed down on the quantity of cinnamon a bit. I really didn’t love chia seeds on this smoothie specially and listed them as an optionally available factor, so that’s silly. As for the cinnamon, i don’t recognise if it changed into a typo or if i without a doubt positioned a teaspoon of it on this smoothie at one factor, but it tasted a piece too strong. I tweaked the quantity, made greater smoothies, and all turned into properly.

I additionally updated the recipe to consist of frozen bananas! Don’t forget my put up a bit whilst lower back on freezing bananas for destiny use? Smoothies are a huge cause frozen bananas are terrific. Especially in case you take place to have a vitamix because it turned into pulverize that banana into bloodless, creamy, deliciousness. So, so excellent!

I really love my vitamix because i’m in the kitchen pretty often and this element saves my lifestyles quite a few the time. Ok, perhaps a touch dramatic, but it saves me quite a few time and problem. The use of a regular blender for smoothies is definitely first-class, however you would possibly have to forestall the blender to scrape down the perimeters and the smoothies don’t usually pop out as smooth as you want! I’m commonly speeding to get out of the residence inside the mornings and take my smoothie with me on the way to work, so it’s first-rate not having to address more steps to get my breakfast at the cross ready. <3


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