Tiramisu Pie

Tiramisu is a popular italian custard dessert made with egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, robust espresso, and ladyfingers. Tiramisu pie takes that dessert to the subsequent degree! Made with a flaky, buttery crust, this dessert is ideal for a holiday amassing. Or just due to the fact.

Tiramisu Pie

In case you follow me on instagram, you would possibly have noticed once I shared this photograph on thanksgiving. It’s tiramisu pie and i’ve been demise to proportion the recipe with you. Critically, buddies. Tiramisu pie? I suggest, come on.

I have made this recipe in the take a look at kitchen a handful of times now – and i made tweaks as necessary to make it taste just right. I gotta inform you, i’m really happy with the very last end result. All flavor-testers i threw this pie at (aka my terrific pals and family) will agree: this pie is quite rad.

Tiramisu has constantly been up there at the list of cakes i love, however it wasn’t till this beyond year i determined to make it myself. I used to be stimulated by using a recipe for tiramisu pie i saw in considered one of my books, best pies via michele stuart and decided to head rogue with it. It became sort of a ambitious selection to try a pie for the blog due to the fact i’ve continually been intimidated by means of pie crusts. In the beyond, i’ve made a few pie crusts i was by no means glad with. They could continually collapse or i’d positioned too much flour or water and it become continually a giant mess. Considering then, my excellent pal emily confirmed me the way to make a simple buttery pie crust the use of a food processor and it was critically a recreation-changer. She made it look so smooth, i nearly couldn’t trust it could be that clean. Alternatively, she is a kitchen genius and i assume one in every of in recent times, i want to associate up together with her for a weblog put up. (emily, you analyzing this? Allow’s do that!)

Other than the ease of the usage of the food processor, her pointers on making an incredible pie crust is going with a 2:1 cup flour to fat ratio. The ratio has a pleasing ring to it and it’s clean to keep in mind. Extra flour will be delivered as wished, however 2:1 is a solid basis first of all and that i daresay it’s a foolproof method.

Like the general public, i do lots and masses of baking across the holidays and it can from time to time end up a piece overwhelming depending on my schedule. If i’ve an option so one can allow me to plot in advance, i’m taken with it. There are numerous steps to making this scrumptious tiramisu pie and it may take some hours to put together. To help with time (and perhaps your sanity), you could put together the pie crust beforehand of time and freeze it!

I don’t mean freezing a ball of dough and defrosting it before rolling it out and setting it on a plate earlier than popping it into the oven. I imply, you roll out the dough, location it in your baking dish, wrap it tightly (and thoroughly!) with plastic wrap and/or tin foil, and put it in the freezer. When you’re prepared to bake, you vicinity the frozen pie inside the plate right into the oven!

To do this, you need desirable exceptional bakeware that gained’t smash or bust due to the drastic temperature change. Oxo has glass bakeware that’s made of thermal surprise-resistant borosilicate glass, which means it can cross immediately out of your freezer to oven and you received’t want to defrost some thing in advance. Their 9-inch glass pie plate is perfect for this recipe and i really like that i’m able to location a frozen pie crust in it proper into the oven. The plate also has a generously sized rim, which makes it truly clean to transport from a warm oven to your countertop.

By means of the way, pie crust may be frozen for up to three months so long as it’s far tightly sealed. I choose both plastic wrap and tin foil. Because extra safety is cool and stuff.


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