Trini Kurma Recipe + Tasty Adventures to Store Bay and Shore Things

Kurma (also called trini kurma) is a candy trinidadian snack made of ginger-spiced fried dough and a sugary glaze. It changed into at the start a staple of the diwali competition however has given that end up a famous snack in trinidad and tobago that’s available at many stores.

Trini Kurma Recipe + Tasty Adventures to Store Bay and Shore Things

Hiya, buddies! Welcome to the second one submit on this mini tobago collection. On this submit, i’ll percentage a bit approximately my visits to save bay and shore matters cafe and craft. Trace: both were utterly and supremely delicious.

I’m additionally sharing a recipe for a sweet trinidadian snack known as kurma! Between all the pix and text i’ll be including to this post, i’m going to preserve this intro incredible short and sweet.

So permit’s get to the good things, lets?

 Touring shop bay

Store bay is one of the beaches we went to while in tobago. It’s a brilliant spot for travelers because of its unfastened seashore get right of entry to, style of meals providers, and stores (we also went there to book our glass-backside boat excursion, but that’s for the next blog put up). Whilst the beach get entry to is unfastened, you have to pay a small price to apply any loungers or get right of entry to facilities. I don’t recognize how lots the beach loungers cost, however i can let you know it price me $2 ttd (which is ready 30 cents usd) to access the restroom.

We absolutely visited shop bay more than one instances for the food. Everything i had tasted from the various vendors tasted excellent clean and became beyond excellent.

From curry crab, conch, and dumplings to shrimp, fried plantains and pelau to bake and shark. I nevertheless think about how delicious it all turned into and want to recreate it all at domestic at some point.

I did take pictures of the whole thing i ate (and drank), however my telephone wasn’t doing too amazing and didn’t virtually keep all of the photographs. It’s now damaged, but that’s an entire other tale no longer really worth sharing. 🙂

Did you already know that angostura bitters comes from trinidad and tobago? It was in the beginning produced in angostura, venezuela, but was moved to port of spain in 1875.

Additionally, that lemon-lime soda become exceptional.

One of the images my telephone sincerely did shop from my store bay feasting changed into the bake and shark; the remaining road meals. The “bake” is the puffy fried bread and the shark might be not certainly shark these days (based totally on stories i’ve heard declaring that the shark is not pretty to be had nowadays). It continues the call for recognition/tourist motives, however it’s miles probably made with fried fish and diverse toppings and toppings. I’d love to make this for the blog sooner or later (maybe inside the summer time)!

Visiting shore matters cafe & craft
Shore matters is a seaside spot for eating. You can additionally locate some hand-crafted crafts and jewellery. I discovered a fantastic set of wind chimes product of seashells, however i knew i didn’t have room for it in my bag. I’m nonetheless a touch sad approximately that. 🙁

The general vibe became great and that i cherished the decor each interior and out. We dined outside and i wholehearted believe the pizza sign.

I truly love collecting with buddies to consume some tasty meals. It’s considered one of my most favored methods to connect to others.


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